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Facility Usage

Grace Community Church
& Grace Christian Academy

Policy & Procedure for Facility Use


The purpose of this policy is to ensure good stewardship of the resources that our Lord has so generously provided for us, namely the building and grounds.


It is the policy of Grace Community Church (GCC) and Grace Christian Academy (GCA) to make our building and grounds available for use by the people of GCC and GCA for authorized events. We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs. Anyone who uses the building must abide by the rules and procedures as set forth in this policy.

Board Approval for GCC and GCA:

Some events may need authorization from the GCC Board of Governors. If BOG approval is needed for your event, please seek approval prior to reserving the room. Approval from the BOG may take 3 – 4 weeks since it only meets once a month.

This includes:

Any event where doctrine will be taught.

Any event where expected attendance is over 25 people.

Who may use the building?
Persons who may use the building or room(s) must be affiliated with GCC or GCA

This includes:
Grace Community Church, Staff, Members and Regular Attendees
Grace Christian Academy, Staff and families whose children attend GCA

For what purpose may the building be used?
Events must be authorized by GCC and/or GCA.

This includes:
Bible Studies
Training Classes
Music Ministry Rehearsals and Performances
Fundraising Events
Family Night Events
Sports Activities
School Academic activities
Ministry Related Activities
Personal Events (funerals, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, and birthday parties)

Reserving a Room

Rooms must be reserved at least 2 week(s) prior to the scheduled event. Requests made after that time may not always be granted.

A Building Use Request form must be completed and approved by authorized GCC and/or GCA personnel.

                Church: Submit the form to the GCC office staff

                School: Submit the form to the GCA office

GCC & GCA have the right to reject any room reservation request.

Disclaimer: The decision to approve facility use requests and grant permission for use does not necessarily imply endorsement or support of the organization or the cause for which the facility is used.

Single Event Use Form (Click Here for .pdf Form)

Recurring Event Use Form (Click Here for .pdf Form)

Rooms Available & Fees

Room use is free of charge for all ministry related events, (as listed in our annual report booklet) church and school functions.

- If the leader of the event is not a member of GCC, see non member fees below.

- If the person requesting the room is a member and the chairman of the event, but the event is not related to a ministry as listed in the annual GCC reports, and/or, if the person is receiving payment for services at the event, see “Member Fees” below.

 A security deposit and fee will be charged for personal use according to the schedule below. Additional fees may be charged for use of pantry items, additional staffing (audio/visual technicians). You will be responsible for any charges due to breakage or theft.

Room #






Members & Staff*

Non Member**



$ 25.00

$50.00 per event

$100.00 per hr.



$ 25.00

$50.00 per event

$100.00 for 2 hrs.and $50 for every hour after that.



Included with cafeteria



Youth Room



$20.00 per hr.


Classroom/Sunday school



$20.00 per hr.





$20.00 per hr.


Adult Bible Study Room



$40.00 per hr.


Library/Video Resource Center



$20.00 per hr.


Classroom/Sunday School



$20.00 per hr.





$20.00 per hr.





$20.00 per hr.


Music Room



Not Available


Conference Room



$40.00 per hr.

 *GCC Members & GCA Staff
**GCC Non Members & GCA Families
***Additional Fees may be charge for use of kitchen pantry items. If pantry items are needed, please present a list to the church office two weeks prior to your event so they can be bought and stocked in the pantry. Charges will be made accordingly.
****Bring appeals to a secretary, in the church office. They will submit them to the boards of GCC/GCA for special consideration, which only happens once a month.

Outside Grounds

Outside Grounds

The use of the outside grounds may be used for picnics and sports activities with board approval by GCC and GCA. Any advertising on the grounds must abide by the legal guidelines of the City of West Allis in Wisconsin. Advertising must not conflict with Biblical standards.

Grounds Fees:

$10.00 per hour- GCC Members & GCA Staff

$25.00 per hour – Non Members & GCA Families

Signage Fees:

$10.00  per week for signage posting for members and GCA families for non ministry events

$25.00  per week  for signage posting for non members

Free:  No charge for GCC and GCA activities for signage posting for ministry or school events.


If there is a conflict in scheduling of events the following priority will be considered:

  1. Church sponsored events held in church rooms, School sponsored events held in school rooms
  2. Regularly Scheduled Events*

                Family Night Activities, Ladies’ Night, Basketball, Discipleship Classes etc.   In some cases a regularly
scheduled event may be canceled or changed to another room.

Example: A women’s group meets in the cafeteria twice a week. The cafeteria is needed for a special event lunch. The women’s group may be canceled or moved to another room to accommodate the lunch.

  1. Major Outreach Events

Easter programs, Christmas Programs etc.

Fundraising: Perennial Plant Sale, Rummage/Flea Market, Christmas Craft Fair (3 – NO MORE)

  1. Personal Events – Funerals and Meal Fellowships
  2. Personal Events – Wedding & Baby Showers, Birthday & Anniversary Parties etc.

Please notify the church and/or school office as soon as possible even if there is an emergency and the cancellation is on the same day. Another group may be interested in using the room, or it may be their first preference.

General Rules
No Smoking, alcohol or drugs in the building.  No alcohol or drugs on the grounds.

No equipment, furniture, or materials shall be moved from the room/grounds without prior consent.

Clean Up: Leave it better than you found it! Clean up the area used, empty all garbage and dispose in the dumpster behind the building.  Clean all bathrooms used.

Return the room to the original set up (Chairs, tables etc.).

Close all windows and turn off all lights.

When leaving ensure all doors used are locked.