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We love one another.  We exalt Jesus Christ. 

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The Gospel

Gospel means good news.  It is happy news, joyful news, exciting news.  Much of today's news does not bring joy and gladness but an increasingly  heavy burden of sorrow and emptiness, even depression.  The world in which we live is populated with people who are seeking happiness but finding little and certainly none that is sustained.  Meanwhile, the Bible presents the message of the universe-creating God for human happiness, fulfillment, and joy.  It centers on truth, admittedly truth to which everyone reacts with defensiveness and resistance.  However,  if human beings would just stop seeking happiness on their own terms and listen to the counsel of God, their satisfaction, peace, and gladness could skyrocket.  Ultimately, it comes down to reconciliation.  Our society is concerned with reconciliation.  Our culture is driven to find reconciliation between races, religions, cultures, and societal diversities.  But we overlook the fundamental relationship that needs reconciliation, the one that exists between ourselves and our Creator.  To learn more, click on the tab or watch one of the video presentations below.