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Grace News -- 04/22/2020

Good Afternoon Grace Family,

First off, I want to point you to another encouraging devotion from Elder Randy Slak.  It is on the church BLOG; click HERE to get there.

Now, I just want to say how my heart aches to be back together as a whole family, not just seeing you but seeing you see each other.  It always encourages me after a service or a meeting to observe a cluster of saints here and a cluster of saints there, smiling together, praying together, sharing together, feeding off of the love of the Lord and of one another.  I hope that during this time you are still clustering together through phone calls, walks together, and of course through virtual fellowship as well. Tonight we will again meet through ZOOM for learning and leaning at 7:00 pm.  I look forward to seeing you and praying together.  You can get a handout HERE.

I want to make you aware of an important matter for prayer.  A number of you have noticed the Zion United Church of Christ building at 3301 S 76th Street that is for sale.  You can find information and photos and video tours of the facility HERE and HERE.  A number of elders and BOG members toured the building on Monday.  The Elders and the Board met last night to discuss the opportunity.  I am hearing from a number of you who think this is a great opportunity for GCC.  I am in agreement with you.  We determined last night to study various scenarios which offer us the best opportunity for moving forward and are trying to get on the ball in order not to miss out if this is God’s will.  As always there will be details to work through.  Please pray about this opportunity.  Please pray for clarity in our thinking and unity in our hearts and glory for the name of the Lord.  Pray that our thoughts and perspective and motives will honor the God who is our provider.  Please pray also for GCA and their role in the situation.   Pray that God would work so that we might be able to unlock our equity in the building and minimize our liability.  I will keep you informed as things develop.  But we really do need to be in prayer about this.

Pastor Ross Layne