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Grace News 04/08/2020

Good Afternoon Grace!

Exciting news!!  This Sunday, Resurrection Day, Grace Community Church will hold a drive-in worship service!!  Here is what you need to know.  The location is the parking lot behind the building.  The audio will be broadcast by FM translator.  We will alert you when you arrive as to the FM frequency.  Please follow the parking guidance you receive from the deacons, leaving one space between each car EVERYONE MUST REMAIN INSIDE YOUR CAR.  The building will NOT be open for restroom use.  

The service will begin at 8:00 am, and will last about 30 minutes.  The service will follow the form of our early morning Resurrection Day services over the past several years.  Pastor Groves will be speaking, and Dick Neustifter will lead the singing.  

Seeking to be exemplary and God-honoring citizens, we have spoken with the West Allis Police Department.  They gave us a green light for the service so long as we follow the important guidelines above.  The most important of these is that we stay in our cars.  Keep in mind that our neighbors will be watching.  In the spirit of our Savior, we must be gracious and thoughtful how this meeting might affect them.  I look forward to seeing you this Lord’s Day!

GCF groups will NOT meet this Sunday, but the 10:15 am live stream service will go on as usual.

Learning and Leaning is tonight at 7 pm.  I will continue my series on sanctification and then we will pray together in groups.  These are days in which the need for prayer is very apparent.  I hope you will join us on Zoom.  Remember you will need the password to get in.  If you have not yet joined us on Zoom, we invite you to do so tonight!  If you need assistance please contact Rick Ellis.

For tonight's handout, click HERE.

By God’s Grace and For His Glory,
Pastor Ross Layne