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"I Thirst"

The title here is the word Jesus spoke from the cross at Calvary shortly before He died on that cross. What
suffering Jesus must have endured over many hours to utter these words of physical anguish, the Maker of
heaven and earth with parched lips, the Lord of glory needing a drink, the Redeemer of mankind needing
refreshment. Being fully God, how could this happen? How could the One who offers living water to the
Samaritan woman be thirsty, how could One who created the earth that is 71% covered with water be looking
for a drink, and how could One who brought water out of the rock of flint look for a way to quench His thirst?
Let us examine today one of the seven sayings of Christ on the cross, "I am thirsty."

Our Lord and King was very God of very God, but He was also very man of very man. He was Divine as God's
Son, but human as Mary's son. When He was born as Mary's son, the Incarnation, He did not cease to be God.
He will now be forever Man but continue and be forever God. He did not cease to be all He was previously, but
took upon Himself that which He had not before, perfect humanity. He healed the sick, calmed the winds, raised
the dead, and forgave sins. So, when the Son of God, the Son of man, cries out that He thirsts, it is a cry of great
intensity. But His thirst will not be slaked, at least not yet. No complaining coming from those parched lips
though, no uttering of threats coming from that dehydrated body though, no murmuring coming from that dry
tongue though as it cleaves to the roof of His mouth.

He still had infinite resources at His will though. He had turned water into wine, caused water to flow from the
rock, and could give others living water, He desired just one thing, to do the Father's will. He stated multiple
times," Not My will but Your will be done." He had never performed a miracle for His own benefit or comfort,
and this time will be no different. He makes His request, not in order that the request be fulfilled, but in order
that the Scripture be fulfilled. This thirst was only one of many things in the cup of wrath that the Father had
Christ to drink. This man of sorrows, the One who is much acquainted with grief, the One numbered amongst
the transgressors, will drink this cup of God's wrath so we will not have to. And if it was this difficult for Christ to
suffer this wrath for three hours on the tree, what will it be like for unbelievers who have to endure it for all

Jesus, "knowing that all things had already been accomplished to fulfill scripture," that phrase being quoted
three times in John 19, has now accomplished all that the Father has requested of Him, and being One
acquainted with much grief, can now be touched with the weaknesses of our infirmities.(Heb.4:15) "He has been
manifested, or appeared, to put away sins by the sacrifice of Himself."(Heb.9:26) For Christ also died for sins
once for all, the just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God, having been put to death in the flesh, but
made alive in the spirit."(1Peter 3:18) A.W. Pink states, "Have you ever noticed in John 4 that though Christ said
to the woman who came to the well, "Give Me to drink," for He sat there wearied from the journey and heat-
that He never took a drink of water? In the salvation and faith of that Samaritan woman He found that which
refreshed His heart." Praise God that the water He has given you has become in you a well of water springing up
to eternal life (John 4:14), and that water of life without cost. (Rev.22:17) Keep on hungering and thirsting after
righteousness, for you will be satisfied.

Elder Randy Slak


Elder Randy Slak