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Remembering Us

Remembering others. How often do we remember things or people? How often do we forget things or
people? Unless we are always around someone, we tend to forget about them, don't we? There are so many
things on our minds, on our agenda, on our calendars. We forget appointments, we forget birthdays or
anniversaries, we forget to pick up something from the store. Our minds simply cannot remember all the
things it should remember. Oh, what would it be like to have a mind that would not forget anything, especially
when a promise is made. Well, there is such a One, a Person who cannot forget, a Person who is faithful and
trustworthy, and abounding in lovingkindness. Let's take a look at two examples from scripture.

First of all, we can turn to Genesis 8:1, where it states, "But God remembered Noah." Noah had obeyed God
in putting many animals on the ark he was commanded to build, including every type of beast, every type of
cattle, every type of creeping thing, and every type of bird, all after their kind. After the water prevailed upon
the earth for 150 days, God remembered Noah. All of what Noah was instructed to do took some time where
he had not heard from God. But had he been forgotten, having been a righteous man, blameless in his time,
and having walked with God? Absolutely not, impossible, can't happen. Alexander MacLaren comments, "They
who trust God, and trusting Him, realize as if present the future judgement, and moved with fear, take refuge
in the ark, are never forgot by Him, even while the world is drowned. They live in His heart, and in due time He
will show that He remembers them."

We are reminded by the Lord to take the bread and the cup in 1Corinthians 11, "to do this in remembrance
of Me." He desires us not to forget Him and His death, and consequently his burial and resurrection. Can we
think of Him and remember Him more often than we do? Psalm 139:17-18,"How precious also are Your
thoughts to me, O God, if I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. "We know that the more we
love someone, the more we think of and remember them. If we can count the number of thoughts we have of
Him today, it would not be enough. We do have a hard time remembering things, maybe that is why the
Apostle Peter says so often it is not a bother to him that he reminds us again and again on things. The Lord will
always remember us because He will always love us.

And lastly, remember the thief on the cross? He said in Luke 23:42,"Jesus remember me when you come
into Your kingdom." And does Jesus remember this outcast from society, one who the public thinks nothing of,
one who has disgraced his family? Oh yes, He does. And it is as soon as today in verse 43 that Jesus says,"
Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise." The reason why Paul says," to depart and be with
Christ is very much better," is that now he would be with Christ in person forever which now the thief on the
cross can say as well, that very day. A.W. Pink states, "The Savior desired that upon which His heart was set
was the fact that that very day a soul saved by his precious blood should be with Him in Paradise." All glory to
Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think." That repentant thief is now with
Christ in Heaven.

Elder Randy Slak