We believe the Bible.  We proclaim the Gospel.
We love one another.  We exalt Jesus Christ. 

8400 W Beloit Rd., West Allis, WI 53227

Special Procedures for the Reopening of GCC

  1. Our building will only be “partially” opened initially, to facilitate greater control over areas needing regular disinfection treatment.
    a.  GCF groups will not meet on site for the first week.
    b. The men’s and women’s bathrooms on the first floor will be open for use [doors will remain open to avoid touching doorknobs, etc.]
    c. Room 204 [the Adult Bible Study Room] on the second level may be open for overflow crowd [if necessary].

  2. There will only be one point of entry and exit. We will use the parking lot entrance door on the northeast side of the auditorium [located to the right of the stage area if you are sitting in the auditorium facing the stage].

  3. Seating: Seating has been rearranged to provide for “social distancing.” The distance between the rows front-to-back has been increased to more than 6 feet. Each family or party will need to allow the space of two seats on either side except at the end of a row.


  1. We cannot allow milling around or congregating of two or more in the foyer or hallways. The same is true for the outdoors parking lot area before and after church.




  1. There will be no children’s ministries or nursery services at our initial reopening.


  1. The Deacons will arrange for and help coordinate directional traffic [like most of you have observed in stores and other businesses]. Deacons will also give directions for crowd control when the service is over by supervising dismissal one row at a time.


  1. We will not be handing out our regular Sunday bulletins. These will be made available online [go to the GCC website>About Us> Weekly Bulletin] to be printed on your own printer at home. They may also be viewed on your smart phone or tablet.


  1. Precautions all in attendance are asked to observe:
    a. Masks are not required, but you may, of course, wear a mask if you desire [please B.Y.O.M. – Bring Your Own Mask =}]
    b. If you use the restroom, please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before you leave the bathroom.

  2. PLEASE:
    a. Let the office know [call 414-771-3020] if you contract or have had the virus.
    b. If you have had the virus, please let us know how long you have been in self-quarantine afterwards, and whether you have been cleared by your doctor to be out in public.
    c. If you have temperature, difficulty breathing, coughing – or other suspicious symptoms, please be considerate of others by waiting until such symptoms cease before resuming attendance at church functions.
  1. Anyone who is particularly vulnerable to the virus or who is not comfortable returning to worship is encouraged to remain home and take part in worship through the live stream.