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Should a Christian Take the Covid-19 Vaccine

Since the appearance of the COVID-19 virus last year, yet another in a series of controversial matters threatens the unity of Christ’s people.  There are serious issues involved in answering the question, “Should a Christian take the COVID-19 vaccine?”  One matter should be clear, and it is that there will be opinions on both sides for varying reasons, but the people of God should be determined not to let differences on this question come between us and the fellowship the Lord brought us together to enjoy with him and with one another. 

We need to bear in mind the sober warning issued by the Apostle Peter.  “Be sober-minded, be watchful, your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  Resist him firm in your faith knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world” (1 Peter 5:8-9).  The devil is taking advantage of the uproar on both sides of the vaccine issue to attempt to divide and destroy Christ’s church.  We must be vigilant and join together in mutual love and oneness to resist him firm in our faith with our chief focus on Christ.

The GCC elders are in agreement that the above question is a serious one demanding careful and prayerful thought.  Still, we are church elders, not doctors, and we do not claim any expertise by which we should be the final arbiters in your decision-making on this issue.  What we are able to do as elders is encourage every member of the flock to strive to make a God-honoring decision based upon the biblical worldview.  We therefore exhort our flock to exercise due diligence in deciding whether to take the COVID vaccine.  Todd Friel in his program, “Wretched,” provides a helpful analysis of the issues facing Christians in working through and arriving at one’s answer to the question.  There is a lot to think about, and when biblically-minded Christians consider these matters, there will be differing opinions.  Your GCC elders believe this matter is not a sin issue. It is a matter of conscience.  Therefore, we should not judge one another in regard to our differing conclusions.  A link to the wretched show is below.

Wretched Show - Todd Friel video HERE

Because we believe that everyone should make a well-informed decision, we will supply the locations of information resources where you will find varying opinions.  We pray that as you investigate, God will grant you discernment.

The case for taking the vaccine is well represented by the incessant reporting of the mainline news media representing the message of the CDC and the FDA and the large Pharmaceutical companies.  Follow a link below to obtain information in favor of taking the vaccine.

Froedert/MCW Statement HERE

Michigan Health Statement HERE

A number of scientists and doctors are also making a case against taking the vaccine.  They cite many unknowns and potentially grave dangers possibly affecting those who take the vaccine. See the links below.

Health Impact News article HERE

Dr. Simone Gold Video HERE

Dr. Joseph Mercola article HERE

Yet a third matter is the fact that some of the vaccines were produced and/or researched with the use of fetal cells from an aborted baby from the 1950's.  You will find information on this aspect of the vaccine at the links below.

The Heritage Foundation Commentary by Melissa Moschella Ph.D. HERE

Randy Alcorn blog article HERE

Again, the GCC elders encourage you to equip yourselves with knowledge and prayerfully seek God as to what you should do.  It is not an easy task with so many conflicting assertions coming from so many so-called experts.  If you would like to discuss these matters with any of the elders, we welcome that.