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The Spirit of Truth

The Holy Spirit, what do we know about Him, yes, Him? When was the last time we thought of Him,
focused on Him, thanked Him? How is it that we do not think of Him much? We do spend a lot of time
focusing on God the Father, and God the Son, Jesus Christ , but it seems we seldom concentrate much on
God the Holy Spirit. I believe we would agree that to neglect talking about the doctrine of the Father
would be a terrible thing. I believe we would also agree that to neglect talking about the doctrine of the
S on of God Jesus Christ would be a terrible thing too. So what about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit?
English Puritan Richard Baxter states, "As you could not have been reasonable creatures if the Father
had not created you, nor have had any access to God if the Son had not redeemed you, so neither can
you have a part in Christ, or be saved, except the Holy Spirit do sanctify you."

Little seems to be said of the Spirit, so I would like to take a little time with you exacting, pursuing ,
and making much of the Spirit in these coming blogs Lord willing, thank you for coming along with me.
He is not obscure in the scriptures. Immediately we see Him in Genesis 1, the first book and chapter in
the Bible, in the second verse, and see Him all the way through the B ible to the last chapter in
Revelation 22:17. He is mentioned close to 300 times in the New Testament, and 18 times in the great 8,
Romans 8. The Bible is so chock full of texts about the Holy Spirit that it would take considerable time
just reading the te xts His name is mentioned in. I believe some time in our blog is worthy of
contemplating, studying, and conversing with the Scriptures on what they say about the Spirit of truth.

In the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Apostle John, Jesus shares much in chapter 14 in the
upper room discourse before He heads to the cross. Jesus declares there is an utmost importance in the
coming work of the Holy Spirit. There is so much to declare , our blogs will barely scratch the surface. But
He is due the glo ry and importance as being equal with the Father and the Son. He is a person of the
Godhead, mentioned many times right alongside the Father and the Son. He is not an inanimate object,
but a Person. Jesus brings much attention to the Spirit in John 14,15, and 16. He, the Spirit, is not an it,
or a thing He also is eternal, not having a beginning nor end. Heb.9:14,"How much will the blood of
Christ, through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without blemish to God."

English Puritan Thomas Goodwin state s, "The work He does for us, in its kind, is as great as those of
the Father or the Son. Therefore by equity of all law, a proportionate honor is due Him." Next time we
will discover more truths about the Holy Spirit, He has quite a resume. He is not one w e can live forever
without, John 3:5 states, "that unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the
kingdom of God." He is worth finding out more about, getting to know better, and desiring to love more.
See you next time with more on th e Spirit, Lord willing.

Elder Randy Slak