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The Written Word

The Written word, the word of God, inspired by Him, spoken by Him, and written to us. It is and always
has been for our good and often for our survival. It is not man's words by their own human will or
insights, or opinions, but it is man, certain men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God to us. Though
the Author of this word is infinite, and the minds who read it are finite, it can still be understood. It is
not foolishness to those who have been born again, regenerated, filled with the Holy Spirit, but life
giving, life sustaining, life sanctifying words for us to live by. We read that God's word is truth, John 17:3,
and that is inerrant, infallible, sufficient for all our needs, cares, and concerns. This word in what we call
the Bible is like no other book written or that will ever be written. It is not just the best-selling book of all
time for no reason at all. It is God's way to communicate with man, His creation that He made in His
At Grace Community Church our scripture memory program, called Knights at the King’s Table gives us a
formal systematic way of memorizing, meditating, and hiding of that word in our hearts. There are many
reasons in the Scriptures to do this but one of them which is our KKT theme this year in that the believer
finds hope in and through this word of God. Jesus mentions that man should not live by bread alone but
by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, Matt.4:4, Job mentions that He has treasured the
words of His mouth more than his necessary food, Job 23:12, and the Psalmist mentions that the word is
a lamp unto his feet and a light unto his path, Psalm 119:105. This upcoming Sunday brings us to a close
in our KKT season with a written quiz followed by an oral competition and an ice cream social. Twenty
five verses have been to our benefit to memorize this year; the Lord only knows how they will benefit us
and how we can use them to benefit others. Believe me, both of those scenarios will come to pass.
Jesus says in John 15:7, If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it
will be done for you.” You see, we pray in light of God's promises. The word abide we see twice in that
verse means to remain in, to lodge in, to dwell in, to continue in. The Written word was for Jesus that
which formed His thoughts, that which filled His heart, and that which regulated His ways. Should it not
be any different for us? We must believe in Him who sent Jesus, otherwise His word does not abide in
us, John 6:38. But John 17:3, Jesus says to the Father,” Sanctify them in the truth.” This word of God is
designed to transform, reform, and conform us more into the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. The super
natural work of the abiding Holy Spirit within us will indeed accomplish all that concerns us in knowing,
understanding, and using the word in a God glorifying manner. Memorizing is never easy for anyone, but
it can be done. We are often able to remember things by the more often we do them. It takes, work,
commitment, and diligence, but what is the peace of God that surpasses understanding worth when we
have the word of God dwelling in us which gives just the right help to us in any time of trial, trouble, or
So, let us strive to take seriously the word of God! Can we memorize one verse a week? Take the KKT
verse cards, or 4 by 6 note cards and start writing down verses that really speak to you in your reading,
in your studying, or in your hearing of the word of God. Never having read the Bible before, the lady
who told me of Jesus, I was amazed at our conversation of how often she quoted the word of God. I
could definitely tell that she had been with Jesus! There is no substitute for the word of God, there is no
comparison to it, no help quite like it. It will change your life, saturate your life, saturate your being,
saturate your mind with the word of God. If you find yourself one day without your Bible and need care,

comfort, or consolation for yourself or someone else, what will you fall back on? The word of God brings
hope, peace, and comfort to all who know it. Lord, help us all be Bible saturated, Christ exalting, God
honoring people of yours.

Elder Randy Slak