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Family Worship

Greetings From Elder Doug Ferrell . . .

Hello my dearest brothers and sisters! First off…..I miss you all! I pray this note finds all well with you and your families and that the all sufficient Christ continues to be the Source and Sustainer of your joy, peace and contentment.

During these days of pandemic confinement, many have taken up new hobby’s; home repairs and honey-do lists being checked off, closets being cleaned, rooms being painted, and for some, it has also been a time to re-evaluate spiritual disciplines and goals. I pray that along with taking care of some of your earthly chores you have also used this season to develop some new spiritual habits and for setting new spiritual goals for you and your families.

Today, I would like to encourage your consideration to develop a daily routine for Family Worship. As a starting point, I have attached a simple and brief document that I pray will be an encouragement and guide for you and your families to chart a new course in the practice of daily family worship in your homes. In it you will find some answers to basic questions, some examples of what it might look like, as well as some helpful links that I pray you find useful. As Family Worship is meant for all, I especially want to encourage all of my brothers, the fathers and even our grand-fathers, to please give careful consideration to this and to set a course to lead your families in this most honoring endeavor.  To access the document, click HERE.

I am praying for you and may God richly bless your efforts to honor and worship Him in our lives and in our homes. I do love you my dearest friends and longing for the time when we can be together physically. Until then, let us remain content and satisfied in Him and Him alone.

Your brother and friend in Christ,