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01/10/2018 -- Turn to Me -- Psalm 119:79

Psalm 119:79
Let those who fear you turn to me that they may know your testimonies.

No matter what the situation the psalmist prays that he would be a source of knowledge and understanding for those who fear the Lord.  At times he was afflicted.  At times he was wronged by insolent persecutors.  At times he was rejoicing.  Regardless of his life circumstance, he desires to be a living breathing example and an instructor to those who are looking to God.  He wants to be a channel through which they better know what God says about himself.

Yet this verse of psalm 119 is actually a prayer that others would look to the writer that they would know.  “Turn to me” indicates a desire that those who fear the Lord would look and listen to see and hear me.  There is a confidence in the psalm writer that those who would look at him and listen to him would have a better knowledge and understanding of God’s word.  That could only be if he was holding fast to that word through thick and thin and if he sees himself as a teacher and illustrator.  Such a prayer carries with it a petition that God would make his testimonies known and understood in his own life first.  

As you read, study, and meditate on God’s word, seek for God to work in you but also to work through you so that others will have a better grasp of God and of his word as they see it operating in your life.