We believe the Bible.  We proclaim the Gospel.
We love one another.  We exalt Jesus Christ. 

8400 W Beloit Rd., West Allis, WI 53227

Welcome to Grace Community Church of Milwaukee

Grace Community Church is a gospel-centered, reformed, non-denominational church which meets in West Allis, Wisconsin.  We seek to glorify and enjoy God in all things, particularly by making him known in greater Milwaukee and throughout the world.  Biblical preaching and teaching , evangelism, discipleship, authentic worship, and biblical (reformed) theology are core values of ours.

Gospel-centered.  The word gospel means “good news.”  The Bible is a collection of books, all breathed out by God, which focuses on a central message of good news to the people He created.  The good news is that God’s purpose in creation is to graciously reconcile rebellious human beings to Himself.  He has done so by sending His only Son, Jesus, to suffer under the wrath due these sinners.  On the basis of Jesus’ atoning death, all who will turn from their rebellion and trust in Jesus alone will be forgiven and reconciled to God.  The whole of our lives is to be lived under the banner of this good news.

Reformed.  We affirm the theology rediscovered in the Reformation.  It is largely captivated by an understanding of God and salvation which is derived from Scripture alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, for the glory of God alone.  This theology takes seriously the Bible’s teaching on the sovereignty of God, the sinfulness of man, and the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ for His church, and the personal electing grace of God.  It is not the theology of a particular man but the teaching of the scripture.  We identify ourselves in this way not for reasons of tradition but convictions of truth.

Non-denominational.   To a large extent, denominations reflect distinctives (or differences) of doctrine and practice.  We believe doctrine to be of the utmost importance and we are not opposed to denominations as such.  But we have chosen not to align ourselves with a particular denomination.  We do not wish for denominational labels to fence persons out who would otherwise be perfectly at home with our beliefs and practices.
We believe every Christian should be actively committed to membership in a local church.  Our desire is for fellowship and membership to be based on the most basic essentials of the historic Christian faith.  We also desire that disagreement in areas of lesser doctrinal importance not be allowed to divide Christians from the richness of our unity in Christ.

At Grace Community Church, we strive to relate to one another according to the general sentiment expressed by the following statement commonly attributed to Chrysostom: “In essentials, unity.  In non-essentials, charity.  In all things, Jesus Christ.”