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Homosexuality: Navigating Perplexities

Grow in Grace 2017 was a huge blessing.  Yes, the topic was difficult, but there was such an air of hope and joy.  Whenever you talk about how to deal with one sin in particular, there is help for dealing all kinds of other sins.  And when you stand amazed at God's good design in marriage, you stand amazed at God himself.  Our g…

11/28/2016 -- Is Doubt a Sin?

Many people have questions.  Some people ask them.  Some who are quick to voice questions often speak for many others who have the questions but for one reason or another do not ask them.  One person in our fellowship stands out for asking questions.  I told Kathy Dunn that if she would submit some of these questions from …

11/22/2016 -- Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday that really does seem to stand alone.  I cherish the memories down through the years of being gathered around the table with family and friends.  Since moving to Wisconsin, the traditions of the holiday have come to include attending the service on Thanksgiving Morning at Grace Community Church.  It is…